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I decided to keep the standard WordPress title … Because I think it is the most suitable to crown this first article of a blog that, hopefully, will be able to improve our technical and managerial skills.

For the moment, I have decided not to advertise these lines too much on social networks, nor on external sites. If you are here, it means that you have had the bad luck to know me personally, or that for some reason Google or another unknown search engine has thought of pointing me out as suitable to help you.

Ok gentlemen, I think I will need more help but let’s proceed in order. I will not make an editorial plan, I will not do regular publications, I will respond to your comments because I want to know you (why don’t we start right away, write down in the comments where are you reading from 😊).

Who is this Dario Riccio

As you may have guessed, my name is Dario. Thirty-one-year-old millennial, I grew up in Castel di Sangro, in Abruzzo, and for almost three years I have lived in Martigny in Switzerland. Of the reasons why I decided to emigrate, we will certainly have the opportunity to talk between one article and another. And of me too, I’m not attaching my CV.

For most of my life, and still today, I have been a videomaker. I currently drive buses for a living, and am passionate about cinema, business and technology.

I didn’t say expert, mind you, but passionate. I tell you this because these will be the topics that we will deal with most in this blog. Maybe a few trips every now and then, because it’s beautiful.

Now I am looking for a royalty-free image suitable for this article on Pixabay, while I wait for RunCloud and Let’s Encrypt to agree to get me an SSL certificate (otherwise you will be afraid to visit me, and I understand you), and I salute you . Thanks for being here, see you soon!

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